Raising awareness/Ambassadors for peace

Carolina Gynning

Carolina Gynning | Sweden



Artist, designer



In all of Carolina Gynning’s work the butterfly has a central part as a symbol of rebirth and freedom. Her Fly Free for Peace is an appeal for a Non-Violent world.

Born into a family of artists, Carolina Gynning’s career was given from the get go. Her signum is very colorful portraits and personal in prints from her private life. The motives are often women she meets or women that lives inside her. A common stream in her work is that they creates strong feelings and conveys a staying effect on the audience.

The art is Carolinas passion but she also designs jewelry and interior design within her own very successful company. Carolina has also written books and she is an often-enlisted TV host and in 2012 she had the lead character in Jesper Ganslant’s movie, Blondie.