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Roger Dupe, the first black model from Sweden to have made an international impact, becomes a new Ambassador for The Non-Violence Project Foundation (NVPF).

Roger Dupe joins other fellow Non-Violence Ambassadors for Peace: Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Ringo Starr, Johan Ernst Nilson, Kunal Sood, Beatrice Fihn, Patrizia Gucci, Oona Chaplin, Melissa La Bozzetta and many others.

Roger Dupe has done model assignments for many international brands such as Kenzo, Vogue, Jean-Pal Gaultier, Nordic Company, Acne Studios and Björn Borg to mention a few. In 2016 he became historically the first black model in the campaign ”The Future is Here” imagined by Rolls Royce. Roger Dupé published his autobiography in 2019 in which he told his story from Bäckby, a suburb in Västerås, a small Swedish town to his career as an internationally known model. In 2021 he will launch his own skincare brand Melyon as to change the idea of beauty.

Roger Dupe is supporting the goals and programs of the Foundation. He declared ”I feel it is essential to help others, but when we do that, we also need to help our self first.” The educational programs of NVPF support greatly values such as self esteem and positive behaviour to stem violence in schools, sports and all kind of environmements.

A warm welcome to Roger Dupé as a Global Ambassador for Peace!