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Non-Violence X Elly pistol


Swedish street-and active wear brand Elly Pistol is in the fore front of the recent fashion with a purpose trend. Elly Pistol’s statement pieces are not just eye-catching clothes, they are actual statements for important and powerful messages. Their new collection is a collaboration with Non-Violence, a worldwide non-profit organization with a mission to inspire, motivate and engage people to learn how to solve conflicts peacefully through education. The ”Fight fighters with flowers” collection is launched on November 12th and part of the profits are donated to Non-Violence’s work..

Elly Pistol is a frontrunner in the recent fashion with a purpose trend. Since the launch in 2015, Elly Pistol has launched important and empowering messages to women with each and one of its collections. Today the street and active brand has customers in 35 countries. Its statement pieces are often worn by influencers.

The Non-Violence Project Foundation is a global non-profit organization with ambassadors such as Sir Ringo Starr, Patrizia Gucci, Oona Chaplin, and in Sweden, Petter and Meja, to name a few.

-It’s unfortunately a fact that one of out of three women in the world has been exposed to violence at least once during her lifetime. Oppression, inhibiting structures, racist violence, and violence as a solution to conflicts are very disturbing factors in almost all societies. The collaboration with Non-Violence comes very natural to us as both Elly Pistol and Non-Violence are focusing to strengthen and educate young people in how to stand up against violence and show that other paths also can solve conflicts, says Catharina Schröder, Chairman of the Board at Elly Pistol.

-Elly Pistol is all about important and powerful messages that are communicated through our statement designs. We were born as a fashion with a purpose brand as we believe that everyone has to find his or her own way to contribute to a better world. We take a stand through our collections. The ”Fight fighters with flowers” collection with Non-Violence is spreading the anti-violence message, and today that even feels urgent considering everything that is happening in the world, says Peter Lenerius, CEO at Elly Pistol.

The iconic Knotted Gun is featured in the collection and symbolizes a world without violence. It was originally created as a memorial tribute to John Lennon, by Swedish friend and artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. The collection mixes hard and soft fabrics and patterns and also pays tribute to 90’s fashion with rhinestones and bombers. Part of profits from the collection are donated to Non-Violence’s global educational work and projects that are based on both prevention and intervention, and on measures that address root issues, rather than punish behavior or feed blame.

-We are very proud of the collaboration with Elly Pistol. Their fashion with a purpose compass their role for the fashion industry as a whole. Elly Pistol makes fashion meaningful by using clothes as a channel to communicate important messages. By visualizing our message, Elly Pistol adds extra strengths to our vision of a better world for future generations, says Rolf Skjolderbrand, Co-founder and acting as Country Manager and Chairman NVP Sweden.
”Fight fighters with flowers” is a limited collection and will be launched worldwide on November 12th 2020.

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