Raising awareness/Brands for peace

Non-Violence x Urbanista


We are proud to announce the collaboration with audio brand Urbanista and their Non-Violence headphones.

The collaboration between Urbanista and Non-Violence is about taking a stand for peace, locally and globally. It’s about showing the next generation that conflicts can be solved without violence and that we can all make a difference. Hopefully it’s a small contribution to a better tomorrow.

The headphones have been designed with a message that you can carry with you everywhere. “Brains no bullets” is illustrated in glossy black along with icon of the famous knotted gun sculpture that serves as this generations most iconic representation of peace. The organization’s ties to music made this collaboration one close to Urbanista’s heart as music is a potent tool that influence lives.

“Urbanista is an audio brand inspired by urban environments and city life. We can see how violence influence our local community as well as globally. This collaboration came naturally and we want to inspire to a less violent world and there’s no better way than to start with education.”

- Valerie Wigardt, Marketing Manager Urbanista

For every sold pair Urbanista donates to our global educational work for peace.

Order the Non-Violence Headphones here