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Non-Violence X NÔME


We are proud to announce the collaboration with the Chinese/Scandinavian designer brand NÔME.

NÔME has designed a Non-Violence X NÔME Collection of items for your everyday life. The NÔME-collaboration enables us to further spread the awareness about our important work globally.

Thank you NÔME.

NÔME is a Swedish Independent Designer Brand
While NÔME focuses on household items, it also covers apparel for men and women, digital products, cosmetics, snacks, shoes and bags, apparel accessories etc., providing products for all your daily needs.

Through premium materials, excellent design and reasonable prices, NÔME serves customers with various beautiful, practical and cost-effective products and creates a colorful life for most people.

For more information visit http://www.nome.com/

NÔME online sales will open during 2019.